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Formulation Products


At Univar Solutions, we're with you through every step of the formulation development and application testing process. We offer a broad selection of ingredients and can help customize formulations to meet your specific product needs.

In each of our regions, we represent the industry’s leading suppliers and can provide products that meet your production requirements.

We offer state-of-the-art formulation development and application testing. Our in-house labs are focused on your specific market need, brand goal or upgrade to your product line. Univar Solutions has a team of scientists and formulation experts ready to help you with product development, failure analysis and more.

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Formulation Finder

Looking for some inspiration for your next product launch? Take a look at our formulation finder to see what we’ve developed in-house. We are proud to highlight the top-quality ingredients from our supplier partners, and we always enjoy hearing your feedback or refining a formula to fit your needs. Come discover your formulation solution today.







Formulation Market Segment Application Kit Region Description Supplier
Happy Curls in MotionBeauty & Personal CareHair CareStylingHair In MotionUSAThis curl cream controls and defines coarse, frizzy hair while adding moisture for softer, more natural, frizz-free curls with shine.Dow, DSM, Inolex, Solvay, Pilot
Living on the EdgeBeauty & Personal CareHair CareStylingHair In MotionUSAClear styling wax has a unique hard texture and provides superior hold, edge control, and shine to the hair.DSM, Solvay, Inolex
Powder and Glory Hair TreatmentBeauty & Personal CareHair CareConditioner, TreatmentHair In MotionUSAHair strengthening cream is formulated with ingredients shown to strengthen fragile hair, stop breakage, condition dry, brittle hair, protect hair against heat and styling damage, and encourage hair growth.Dow, DSM, Inolex, Solvay
Razzle Dazzle ConditionerBeauty & Personal CareHair CareConditionerHair In MotionUSADaily restoring conditioner is specifically formulated for extremely damaged and over-processed hair. It works to reverse damage, restore softness, and strengthen hair with rich blend of vitamins, humectants, emollient oils and conditioners.Dow, DSM, Inolex, Solvay
Razzle Dazzle ShampooBeauty & Personal CareHair CareShampooHair In MotionUSAA mild, sulfate-free shampoo for daily cleansing formulated for extremely damaged and over-processed hair. It restores softness, strengthens and protects hair with rich blend of vitamins, humectants, emollient oils, and conditioners. Dow, DSM, Solvay
Righteous Restoration Beauty & Personal CareHair CareConditioner, TreatmentHair In MotionUSALeave-in repair cream is specifically formulated to rejuvenate dry, coarse hair, making it ideal for relaxed, permed, textured, and colored hair. A combination of intense moisturizers and emollient oils leaves hair soft, smooth, and manageable with conditioning polymers to help stop and mend breakage while repairing split ends.Dow, DSM, Inolex, Solvay
Wake Happy WrapBeauty & Personal CareHair CareConditioner, TreatmentHair In MotionUSAEasy to apply foaming lotion provides the perfect hold for wrap-set and wave-set styles while leaving hair soft, silky, and shiny. It contains ingredients that define curls, provide bounce, control frizz, protect hair from heat damage, and detangle hair for easy wet combing and effortless comb-out's.DSM, Solvay, Inolex
Anti-Pollution Skin Defense Sheet MaskBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareMaskBeach Ready KitUSAHydrating sheet mask serum with anti-pollution and blue-light protection that soothes, moisturizes, and softens the skin with a rich blend of anti-aging actives.DSM, Solvay, Inolex
Chillaxing in the ShadeBeauty & Personal CareSun CareAfter SunBeach Ready KitUSAQuick-absorbing sprayable lotion soothes and conditions skin after sun exposure.DSM, Inolex
Powderful ProtectionBeauty & Personal CareSun CareSunscreenBeach Ready KitUSABroad spectrum SPF 50* mineral sunscreen powder provides convenient sun protection. Can be applied on its own or over Color Cosmetics.Cabot, Dow, DSM
Swept Away Sugar Texture SprayBeauty & Personal CareSun CareSunscreenBeach Ready KitUSASpray evenly on damp or dry hair and scrunch for that windswept, ocean texture. Dries with no crunch, no stickiness.Dow, DSM, Inolex, Solvay
Take Your Hat OffBeauty & Personal CareSun CareSunscreenBeach Ready KitUSASPF 30* sun protection specifically designed for the scalp: light, low-viscosity non-oily emulsion that spreads easily, dries to the touch, and soothes the scalp while delivering SPF 30 scalp protection.Dow, DSM, Inolex, Solvay
Remove it - MicellarBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareCleansing/TonersAwestruckUSAMicellar Color Cosmetics remover with a jelly like texture.Cargill, OXEA, Corbion
Cleanse it - CleanserBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareCleansing/TonersAwestruckUSAA light and gentle cleansing paste that stimulates your senses while you work it into your skin. Let the paste do the work for you, while you take in the cooling effect. Leaves your skin feeling freshElevance Renewable Science, Emerald, Corbion
Scrub it- Lip ScrubBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareCleansing/TonersAwestruckUSAMoiturizing citrus lip scrub that leaves lips feeling smooth.Calumet Penreco, Dow, Sun
Moisturize it - Lotion and GelBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareMoisturizerAwestruckUSALight-weight SPF MoisturizerElevance Renewable Science, Cargill, ANGUS
Multifunctional PowderBeauty & Personal CareBody CareSoap & Wash, ShaveAwestruckUSA3-in-1 multifunctional wash, conditioner, and shave prep.Cargill, Dow
Moisturize it - StickBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareMoisturizerAwestruckUSAMoisturizing stick for on-the-goElevance Renewable Science, Cargill, ANGUS
Vibrant Lip OilBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsLipsAwestruckUSANourishing lip oil with various pigments and flavors.Calumet Penreco, New Phase Technologies, Sun
Indulgence Hair MaskBeauty & Personal CareHair CareConditioner, TreatmentAwestruckUSADeep conditioning hair mask that leaves hair feeling soft and smooth without the heaviness of traditional deep conditioners. Protects against breakage and frizz.Dow, Emerald
Clay Face MaskBeauty & Personal CareBody CareSoap & Wash, ShaveAwestruckUSAMoisturizing face mask that leaves face feeling fresh.Corbion, Cargill, ANGUS
Tranquil Body ScrubBeauty & Personal CareBody CareLotionAwestruckUSAExfoliating body scrub infused with LavenderNew Phase Technologies, Dow, Sun
Silky Skin MoisturizerBeauty & Personal CareBody CareSoap & Wash, ShaveAwestruckUSASilky in-shower body moisturizer with a unique texture that melts into skin.Dow, Elevance Renewable Science
Booster Shot Lash SerumBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsEyeElementsUSAA lash serum infused with a bio-engineered peptide, nutrient-rich botanical extracts, vitamins, minerals and proteins to protect against breakage. ADM, Akzo Nobel, Contipro, DSM, Inolex
C Me Restored Vitamin SerumBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareMoisturizerElementsUSAThis restorative vitamin-C facial serum diminishes the signs of aging by reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. It also provides anti-pollution and blue light protection.DSM, Inolex
Clean Slate Color Cosmetics RemoverBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareCleansing/TonersElementsUSAThis two-part formula contains a separate water and oil phase, which when shaken, work together to instantly hydrate the skin and gently remove Color Cosmetics.Dow, Univar Solutions, Solvay
Dragon Fire Glitter DropsBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsFaceElementsUSAOpalescent glitter drops deliver radiant sparkle to the lips, eyelids, face and body for long-lasting shimmering highlights. Dow, Inolex
Sirens' Tear Glitter DropsBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsFaceElementsUSALong-lasting glitter drops for your cheeks, eyes, lips, and body. Cabot, Inolex, Solvay
Urban Shield Micellar ConditionerBeauty & Personal CareHair CareConditionerElementsUSAThis clear conditioner gently conditions hair without weighing it down and leaves hair full and shiny. The formula contains ingredients that moisturize the scalp and have been shown to provide protection from pollution.Dow, DSM, Pilot
Urban Shield Micellar ShampooBeauty & Personal CareHair CareShampooElementsUSAClear shampoo removes impurities while gently cleansing hair and moisturizing the scalp. This formula imparts light conditioning and contains ingredients shown to provide protection from pollution.Dow, DSM, Solvay
Urban Stress Skin Depense MistBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareMoisturizerElementsUSAHydrate your skin, protect it from blue-light damage and fight against urban pollutants with this refreshing body mist.DSM, Solvay, Inolex
High SPF (50+) Water Resistant SunscreenBeauty & Personal CareSun CareSunscreenHawaii Sunscreen KitUSABroad spectrum high SPF (50+)* provides water-resistant, durable sun protection, absorbing quickly without a sticky after-feel. It is also compliant with proposed Hawaii sunscreen legislation.DSM, Dow, Inolex
Mineral-based SFP 50 SunscreenBeauty & Personal CareSun CareSunscreenHawaii Sunscreen KitUSAThis mineral-based SPF 50* broad-spectrum sunscreen contains natural emollients, emulsifiers, and rheology modifiers and is free from PEGs, silicones and preservatives. Also compliant with proposed Hawaii sunscreen legislation.DSM, Solvay, Inolex
Hawaii Surf 30 Body LotionBeauty & Personal CareSun CareSunscreenHawaii Sunscreen KitUSAThis lightweight, broad-spectrum SPF 30* sunscreen protects skin against the sun_s damaging UVA/UVB rays while imparting a non-greasy, smooth after-feel. It is also compliant with proposed Hawaii sunscreen legislation.Cabot, Dow, DSM
SFP 50 Sunscreen for Sensitive SkinBeauty & Personal CareSun CareSunscreenHawaii Sunscreen KitUSABroad-spectrum SPF 50* sunscreen lotion with skin-soothing ingredients. Compliant with proposed Hawaii sunscreen legislation.Dow, DSM
SPF 50 Sport Spray SunscreenBeauty & Personal CareSun CareSunscreenHawaii Sunscreen KitUSABroad-spectrum, water-resistant SPF 50* sunscreen spray applies clear and dries quickly while imparting a silky, light feel and protecting the skin. This spray is compliant with proposed Hawaii sunscreen legislation.Dow, DSM, Inolex
Dream Cloud Moisturizing Gel CreamBeauty & Personal CareBody CareMoisturizerNatural Beauty KitUSAThis refreshing pink grapefruit gel cream is formulated without silicones and provides an instant moisture boost.Dow, Inolex, Lambson, Solvay
Hydrate & Delight Me Taffy CremeBeauty & Personal CareHair CareConditionerNatural Beauty KitUSAThis sour apple taffy skin cream has elastic taffy-like texture delivering rich emollients and moisturizing properties in a silicone-free formula.DSM, Inolex, Lambson, Solvay
Prep Defense PrimerBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareAnti-Aging, MoisturizerNatural Beauty KitUSASilicone-free face primer to keep face hydrates and protect against environmental damage.DSM, Inolex
Free & Clear Radiance Color Protection ShampooBeauty & Personal CareHair CareShampooNatural Beauty KitUSAA mild shampoo for gentle cleansing of color-treated hair. The formula is free from sulfates, PEGs, parabens and silicones.Abitec, DSM, Inolex, Solvay
Radiant Sheen Shine SprayBeauty & Personal CareHair CareStylingNatural Beauty KitUSAThis anti-frizz spray delivers manageability and silicone-free shine to hair.Inolex
Sleep Radiance Color Protection ConditionerBeauty & Personal CareHair CareConditionerNatural Beauty KitUSAThis cream rinse conditioner is infused with natural oils and contains ingredients shown to protect color-treated hair while leaving hair shiny and easy to comb.Inolex
Lean Getaway Cleansing StickBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareCleansing/TonersAdventure KitUSAOn-the-go sulfate-free cleansing stick.Dow, DSM, Solvay
Dash & Go Dry ShampooBeauty & Personal CareHair CareShampooAdventure KitUSAOn-the-go dry shampoo that helps strengthen hair and regulate sebum.Cabot, Dow, DSM, Inolex
Wave & Kiss Goodbye Lip PolishBeauty & Personal CareColor Cosmetics, Skin CareLips, Face, Cleansing/TonersAdventure KitUSAPalm and silicone-free exfoliating lip polish.Cabot, DSM, Inolex
Smooth Sailing Moisturizing Stick (Dry)Beauty & Personal CareSkin CareMoisturizerAdventure KitUSALight weight lotion stick gently moisturizes skin without leaving a greasy after feel and is specially formulated for dry skin. Convenient solid form won_t leak in your purse or bag and is TSA-friendly.Dow, Inolex
Smooth Sailing Moisturizing Stick (Oily)Beauty & Personal CareSkin CareMoisturizerAdventure KitUSALight weight lotion stick gently moisturizes skin without leaving a greasy after feel and is specially formulated for normal to oily skin. Convenient solid form won_t leak in your purse or bag and is TSA-friendly.Dow, Inolex
No Holds Barred - Shampoo BarBeauty & Personal CareHair CareShampooAdventure KitUSAShampoo bar cleanses with a creamy, hydrating fresh-scented lather. The concentrated bar is more eco-friendly than the liquid shampoos: reduced weight and reduced packaging. The solid bar is also TSA-friendly.Dow, Inolex, Solvay
No Holds Barred - Conditioner BarBeauty & Personal CareHair CareConditionerAdventure KitUSAConditioner bar is infused with natural butters and oils to soften the hair for deep, fresh-scented conditioning. The concentrated formula is more eco-friendly than liquid conditioners; reduced weight and reduced packaging. The solid bar is also TSA-friendly.Dow, Inolex, Solvay
Blue Light Protection Mineral-based SPF 30 BB CreamBeauty & Personal CareSkin Care, Sun CareFace, SunscreenGoddess KitUSAThis SPF 30 broad-spectrum mineral-based BB cream contains natural emollients, emulsifiers and rheology modifier as well as ingredients shown to provide anti-pollution and blue light protection benefits.DSM, Inolex, Solvay, Zochem
Iced Pomegranate Shimmer Spray Beauty & Personal CareHair Care, Body CareLotion, ConditionerGoddess KitUSASparling ice-crystal pomegranate mist for body and hair.Dow, Inolex
Long Distance MascaraBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsEyeGoddess KitUSAHigh-definition mascara that is water, sweat and smudge resistant.Dow, DSM, Inolex
Mango Gelato CremeBeauty & Personal CareBody CareLotionGoddess KitUSAIndulgent, rich, nourishing body butter with a scent, color and texture that will remind you of mango gelato.Dow, Inolex, Lambson, Solvay
Night SerumBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareAnti-Aging, MoisturizerGoddess KitUSASpecially formulated with ingredients shown to hydrate and firm the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and impart a more even-looking skin tone. This creme features a unique delivery system of Vida-Caps microcapsules, vitamins, humectants, extracts and peptides beneficial to skin_s restoration.Dow, DSM, Lambson
Shimmering Body OilBeauty & Personal CareBody CareMoisturizerGoddess KitUSAThis gelled body oil contains natural oils and emollients to hydrate the skin without leaving a greasy feel and imparts a subtle gold shimmer to the skin.Cabot, Inolex
Beard OilBeauty & Personal CareHair Care, GroomingBeardGods KitUSAA beard oil that contains natural oils and emollients to moisturize, strengthen and protect the beard while adding a touch of shine.Cabot, Inolex
Charcoal Mineral MaskBeauty & Personal CareSkin Care, GroomingMaskGods KitUSACreamy mineral mud mask contains soothing zinc oxide and purifying charcoal powder. The combination of minerals, moisturizers and emollients will leave the skin feeling soft, clean and rejuvenated.Dow, DSM, Grace, Inolex
Shaving JellyBeauty & Personal CareBody Care, GroomingShaveGods KitUSAThis foamy shaving jelly produces a close, comfortable shave while acting as a soothing skin balm that moisturizes the skin and provides a smooth, non-greasy after feel.Dow, DSM, Lambson, Solvay
Strong Hold Styling GelBeauty & Personal CareHair Care, GroomingStylingGods KitUSAStrong hold gel with a matte finishing look.Colonial Chemicals, Lambson
Sulfate-Free Exfoliating GelBeauty & Personal CareSkin Care, GroomingCleansing/TonersGods KitUSAThis refreshing gel is formulated with mild ingredients to cleanse facial skin and pores.Colonial Chemicals, Dow, Lambson
Hair Detox on-the-run Fairy DustHair Detox on-the-run Fairy DustBeauty & Personal CareHair CareShampooConnection Millennial BeautyEMEASustainable dry shampoo powder that removed excess sebum and impurities. White powder.DOW, Cargill, Down Under
Runway Hair Mega Curl Conditioning PuddingRunway Hair Mega Curl Conditioning PuddingBeauty & Personal CareHair CareConditionerConnection Millennial BeautyEMEALeave-on conditioner cream with a bouncy texture for curly hair. Thick white cream.Hallstar, Cargill, Elevance Renewable Science, Dow, Akema
Call me Sleek Detangling MistCall me Sleek Detangling MistBeauty & Personal CareHair CareStylingConnection Millennial BeautyEMEABi-phasing detangling sprayable mist with styling properties (heat protection). Dual phase transparent/blue fluid., Lambiotte, DOW
Rock & Roller 2-in-1 Hair MascaraRock & Roller 2-in-1 Hair MascaraBeauty & Personal CareHair CareStylingConnection Millennial BeautyEMEARinsable hair coloring mascara with styling properties (curl holding). Bright pink viscous gel.Cargill, Dow, Akema, ANGUS,
So Clean Aquamarine Micell HairSo Clean Aquamarine Micell HairBeauty & Personal CareHair CareShampooConnection Millennial BeautyEMEAUltra-gentle micellar shampoo with low surfactant concentration. Light blue liquid.Kao, Colonial Chemicals, down under, Akema,
City Shield Urban Skin ProtectorCity Shield Urban Skin ProtectorBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareFace, Anti-aging, MoisturizerConnection Millennial Beauty 2.0EMEAAnti-aging anti-pollution total protection face cream. Shiny white cream.Dow, Exxon Mobil, Earthoil by Univar Solutions
Self-Care Sunday Skin RevitalizerSelf-Care Sunday Skin RevitalizerBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareFaceConnection Millennial BeautyEMEAGel facial cubes for single and easy application. Transparent cubes with golden flecks.Cargill, Hallstar, , ANGUS, Akema,
Spot It,Erase It Skin PerfectorSpot It,Erase It Skin PerfectorBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareFaceConnection Millennial BeautyEMEAAnti-acne roll-on with tea tree oil. Clear liquid.Dow, Kao, Down Under, Lambiotte
Prep & Glow Body Tint Duo Serum Step 1Prep & Glow Body Tint Duo Serum Step 1Beauty & Personal CareSkin CareBody Care, Anti-aging, Moisturizer Connection Millennial BeautyEMEAAnti-aging body serum with a lightweight texture. Eco-friendly formula. Yellow lotion.Cargill, Hallstar, Deinove, Akema
Prep & Glow Body Tint Duo Body Foundation Step 2Prep & Glow Body Tint Duo Body Foundation Step 2Beauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsBody CareConnection Millennial BeautyEMEANon-transfer water-based body foundation. Brown aqueous gel.Cargill, Hallstar, Dow, Akema
Color Me Beautiful Contour StickColor Me Beautiful Contour StickBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsFaceConnection Millennial BeautyEMEAContouring stick with a smooth texture for an easy blend.Hallstar, Dow, Cargill,
Selfie Ready Sun Cushion Protection SPF 50+Selfie Ready Sun Cushion Protection SPF 50+Beauty & Personal CareSun CareSunscreenConnection Millennial BeautyEMEA100% mineral UV filter sunscreen in a cushion format. Powdery finish, non-whitening/non-greasy effect. White liquid.Hallstar, Dow, Cargill
Jet Set SPF 50+ Solar Gel CreamJet Set SPF 50+ Solar Gel CreamBeauty & Personal CareSun CareSunscreenConnection Millennial BeautyEMEAHigh broad spectrum gel-cream sunscreen for all shades. White-yellow gel cream.Hallstar, Dow, ANGUS, Akema
Heat Guard Hair ProtectorHeat Guard Hair ProtectorBeauty & Personal CareHair CareStylingConnection Millennial Beauty 2.0EMEASprayable heat protector with styling and detangling properties. Light yellow lotion.Kao, Earthoil by Univar Solutions, Dow, Akema
Insta Cleanse - After Prep Hair MakeoverInsta Cleanse - After Prep Hair MakeoverBeauty & Personal CareHair CareShampooConnection Millennial Beauty 2.0EMEASprayable leave-on shampoo and conditioner for instant cleansing. Opaque lotion.Dow, Cargill, Colonial Chemicals, Akema,
AM Sugar Rush Scrubbing JamAM Sugar Rush Scrubbing JamBeauty & Personal CareToiletriesSoap & WashConnection Millennial Beauty 2.0EMEAJam-like exfoliator. Orange to clear gel with scrubs in suspension.Dow, Kao, Earthoil by Univar Solutions, , Eco-SHell
Divine Cocooning Shower Body MaskDivine Cocooning Shower Body MaskBeauty & Personal CareToiletriesSoap & WashConnection Millennial Beauty 2.0EMEABody mask to nourish skin. Light pink butter-like texture.Dow, Hallstar, Kao, Earthoil by Univar Solutions, Elevance Renewable Science, Aiglon, ANGUS, Akema
Morning Glow 30-Second Boost ElixirMorning Glow 30-Second Boost ElixirBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareAnti-Aging AwestruckEMEAAnti-aging facial serum with tightening properties. Fluid white gel.Dow, ANGUS, Earthoil by Univar Solutions
Blooming Rose Silky Kiss ExfoliatorBlooming Rose Silky Kiss ExfoliatorBeauty & Personal CareSkin Care, Toiletries, Color CosmeticsPrimer, LipsAwestruckEMEALips exfoliator and conditioner, can be used as a primer and balm. Light pink with scrubs.Elevance Renewable Science, Hallstar, Earthoil by Univar Solutions, , Eco-shell
Permissible Indulgence Ultra-Rich MoisturizerPermissible Indulgence Ultra-Rich MoisturizerBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareAnti-aging, moisturizerAwestruckEMEAIndulgent anti-aging ultra moisturizing face cream. Eco-friendly. Light green cream.Dow, Cargill, Earthoil by Univar Solutions, Down Under, , Akema
The Only One Daily Facial Fluid SPF 30The Only One Daily Facial Fluid SPF 30Beauty & Personal CareSkin Care, Sun CareMoisturizer, Anti-aging, SunscreenAwestruckEMEAFresh and lightweight anti-aging sunscreen moisturizing face cream. White.Dow, Hallstar, Kao, Earthoil by Univar Solutions, Deinove, ANGUS, Akema
Like a Boss Real Luxury Insta-MaskLike a Boss Real Luxury Insta-MaskBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareMaskAwestruckEMEAPeel-off mask for a glowy skin with sparkles in suspension. Thick and shiny turquoise paste.Dow, Cargill, Hallstar, , ANGUS, Akema
Wellness Veil 360 Sun Protection Spray SPF 30Wellness Veil 360 Sun Protection Spray SPF 30Beauty & Personal CareSun CareSunscreenAwestruckEMEASprayable oil sunscreen. Fluid yellow.DOW, Hallstar, Lambiotte, Kao, Earthoil by Univar Solutions
Smoked Onyx Complexion Clarifying PasteSmoked Onyx Complexion Clarifying PasteBeauty & Personal CareToiletriesSoap & WashAwestruckEMEACleansing clarifying paste with transforming texture (black paste to white milk). Dow, Cargill, Colonial Chemicals, Kao, Akema, Down Under
Flawless Sculpt Precision Hair GelFlawless Sculpt Precision Hair GelBeauty & Personal CareHair CareStylingAwestruckEMEANon stick/ Non-flacky hair sculpting gel. Extreme hold. Jelly-like transparent texture.Dow, Cargill, ANGUS
Purely Voluptuous Hair CleanserPurely Voluptuous Hair CleanserBeauty & Personal CareHair CareShampooAwestruckEMEASulfate-free eco-friendly shampoo with a rich, dense and creamy foam. Transparent flowing gel.Dow, Kao, Colonial Chemicals, Akema
Velvet Revolution Face PrimerVelvet Revolution Face PrimerBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsFace, primerAwestruckEMEAStick face primer for a velvety skin finish. Blurring/Soft focus properties. Transforming texture: from a stick to balm to powder. Beige stick.Dow, Hallstar, Elevance Renewable Science, Cargill
Yacht Ready Lifeproof Cream ShadowYacht Ready Lifeproof Cream ShadowBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsEyeAwestruckEMEACream eyeshadow to apply with brush or fingers. Emerald creamy solid eyeshadow.DOW, Hallstar, , Earthoil by Univar Solutions
Seeing Red Hydrating Oil GlossSeeing Red Hydrating Oil GlossBeauty & Personal CareColor Cosmetics, Skin CareLips, anti-agingAwestruckEMEAAnti-aging oil gloss two-in-one Color Cosmetics and skin care. Red viscous fluid with glitters in suspension.Dow, Elevance Renewable Science, Hallstar, Earthoil by Univar Solutions, Deinove,
A Night in Rio Bum Lift BarA Night in Rio Bum Lift BarBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareBody CareGlobal AwakeningEMEASolid body massage bar enriched with coffee oil and butter to nourish and lift skin stable at 40_C with great melting properties on the skin. Packaging-free. Eco-friendly. Dark yellow bar.Hallstar, Elevance Renewable Science, Earthoil by Univar Solutions
Oriental Express Invigorating Body OilOriental Express Invigorating Body OilBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareBody CareGlobal AwakeningEMEAEasily absorbed body oil with a smooth and silky result, as well as a good playtime. Clear pale yellow liquid.Dow, Hallstar, Earthoil by Univar Solutions, Lambiotte
Porcelain Perfection Skin SerumPorcelain Perfection Skin SerumBeauty & Personal CareSkin Care, Color Cosmetics Anti-aging, primer, MoisturizerGlobal AwakeningEMEAMultifunctional facial serum with soft focus, antiaging and moisturizing properties. Great sensory profile. Can be used as a primer. Light yellow emulsion.Dow, Cargill, Kao, Akema, Deinove
Spring Flower Power MaskSpring Flower Power MaskBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareMask, Anti-agingGlobal AwakeningEMEAClear W/Si emulsion leave-on face mask with a great sensory profile. Hibiscus flower powder in suspension.Dow, Akema
Ayurveda on Hand SPF 50+Ayurveda on Hand SPF 50+Beauty & Personal CareSun CareSunscreenGlobal AwakeningEMEAHand cream with sunscreen protection in a stable emulsion (oil phase composed of silicone, natural butter, essential oil and a high amount of UV-filters). Orange to yellow cream.Hallstar, Dow, ANGUS
Hemp'fornian After-Sun SprayHemp'fornian After-Sun SprayBeauty & Personal CareSun CareAfter SunGlobal AwakeningEMEAAfter-sun spray with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Easy application. Light yellow fluid emulsion.Cargill, Earthoil by Univar Solutions, Hallstar
Like a Flash Precision Eye-LinerLike a Flash Precision Eye-LinerBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsEyeGlobal AwakeningEMEAWaterproof long-lasting eyeliner, smooth and ultra-black. Easy application. Black fluid gel.Dow, ANGUS,
K-Pop Long Lasting Lip TintK-Pop Long Lasting Lip TintBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsLipsGlobal AwakeningEMEALip tint with moisturizing properties. Clear formula with no tackiness. Clear red liquid., Dow, Hallstar, Down Under, Akema
Taj Mahal Hair BarTaj Mahal Hair BarBeauty & Personal CareHair CareShampooGlobal AwakeningEMEASolid hair 2-in-1 conditioning shampoo with low. Packaging-free. Water-conscious and eco-friendly.Kao, Earthoil by Univar Solutions, Down Under, Cargill, Dow, Colonial Chemicals
Serengetti Vibes Curling BalmSerengetti Vibes Curling BalmBeauty & Personal CareHair CareStylingGlobal AwakeningEMEAEasy pick-up leave-on hair balm for curly hair for shine, conditioning and frizz-control. Eco-friendly alternative to the traditional balms.Aiglon, Elevance Renewable Science, Dow, Earthoil by Univar Solutions
All About Transparency Walnut ExfoliatorAll About Transparency Walnut ExfoliatorBeauty & Personal CareToiletriesSoap & WashGlobal AwakeningEMEAClear facial cleanser with a mild Sulfate-free surfactant system with scrubs in suspension.Dow, Kao, Colonial Chemicals, Eco-Shell, Emerald
Heart of the Ocean Luxury Hand ScrubHeart of the Ocean Luxury Hand ScrubBeauty & Personal CareToiletries, Skin CareSoap & Wash, Body CareGlobal AwakeningEMEAWater-conscious hand scrub with conditioning properties. Transformation to a milk when in contact with water. Yellow paste with back and brown particles.Kao, Hallstar, Dow
EverGreen Cleansing MudEverGreen Cleansing MudBeauty & Personal CareToiletries, Skin CareMask, Body Care, Soap & WashUnivarevolutionEMEASLS-free clay-like shower-gel with a good suspension and repartition of the particles. Transforming texture from a mud-like paste to a creamy foam. Thick green paste.Cargill, ANGUS, Kao, Colonial Chemicals, Akema
Mineral Precision Facial SunstickMineral Precision Facial SunstickBeauty & Personal CareSun CareSunscreenUnivarevolutionEMEASilicone-free high mineral sunscreen protection in a stick format that easily glides on skin. White stick.Hallstar, Dow, Aiglon, Cargill
Moonlight Halo All-Over GlazeMoonlight Halo All-Over GlazeBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsFaceUnivarevolutionEMEAOil-in-water light gel cream body highlighter for an easy application. Non-tacky and non-greasy. Great sensory profile. White pearlescent cream.Dow, Hallstar, Kao
Renaissance Artisanal Micellar WaterRenaissance Artisanal Micellar WaterBeauty & Personal CareToiletriesCleanserUnivarevolutionEMEAEfficient, non-irritating and extra-mild micellar water with a gentle, responsible and naturally-derived surfactant system. Transparent liquid.Colonial Chemicals, Kao, Down Under, Akema
Rooted Earth Fortifying Hair PrimerRooted Earth Fortifying Hair PrimerBeauty & Personal CareHair CareConditionerUnivarevolutionEMEAPre-shampoo conditioning mask rich in oils and butters for intense moisturization. Thick white cream. Kao, Dow, Hallstar, Akema
Double Expresso Exfoliating ButterDouble Expresso Exfoliating ButterBeauty & Personal CareSkin Care, ToiletriesMask, Soap & WashUnivarevolutionEMEAFace exfoliating cream enriched with coffee extracts with a mild surfactant system. Caf-au-lait scrub.Cargill, Hallstar, Kao, Akema
A.M/P.M Ultra Luxe Eye ContourA.M/P.M Ultra Luxe Eye ContourBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsEye, FaceUnivarevolutionEMEALight serum-like eye contour gel to hydrate. Light golden beige cream.Cargill, Hallstar, Akema, Down Under
Herbivore Super-Rich Foot ScrubHerbivore Super-Rich Foot ScrubBeauty & Personal CareToiletriesExfoliator, Body CareUnivarevolutionEMEAJelled-oil formula to exfoliate and moisturize feet with a high amount of naturally-derived ingredients. Translucent and thick yellow jelly.Dow, Cargill, Elevance Renewable Science, Eco-shell
Ethereal Nude Face TintEthereal Nude Face TintBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsFaceUnivarevolutionEMEAMattifying tinted moisturizer with high sunscreen protection with long-lasting properties. Beige cream.Dow, Hallstar, Akema, ANGUS
Clay Rhapsody Matte Blush StickClay Rhapsody Matte Blush StickBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsFaceUnivarevolutionEMEAEco-friendly solid blush stick that glides on skin with a powdery finish.Elevance Renewable Science, Hallstar, Cargill
Daily Ritual Amino Acid Hair CleanserDaily Ritual Amino Acid Hair CleanserBeauty & Personal CareHair CareShampooUnivarevolutionEMEADaily conditioning shampoo with a mild surfactant system. Transparent colorless gel. Cargill, Emerald, Kao, Down Under
Blackest Black Nourishing Lash LacquerBlackest Black Nourishing Lash LacquerBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsEyeUnivarevolutionEMEAFast-drying black shiny mascara enriched with royal jelly active to nourish lashes. Black thick paste.Hallstar, ANGUS, Dow, Akema
Go Straight Leave-In Conditioning CreamGo Straight Leave-In Conditioning CreamBeauty & Personal CareHair CareConditioner, StylingUnivarevolutionEMEALeave-on conditioner cream fro straight hair to improve shine, detangle and reduce hair friction. White-gel cream.Dow, Hallstar, Down Under
Apres Barre Facial Cleansing StickApres Barre Facial Cleansing StickBeauty & Personal CareToiletriesCleanserFitspirationEMEAConvenient stick to milk facial cleanser. Single application: the stick glides and melts on skin then emulsify with water turning to a milk. Bright yellow stick.Hallstar, , Dow, Kao, Akema
Citrus Cloud Cream DeoCitrus Cloud Cream DeoBeauty & Personal CareToiletriesDeoFitspirationEMEADeodorant cream to apply easily on the body with nourishing properties. Fresh and bouncy texture. White cream.Hallstar, Dow, ANGUS, Down Under
Color Run Ready Lip BalmColor Run Ready Lip BalmBeauty & Personal CareColor Cosmetics, Skin CareMoisturizer, LipsFitspirationEMEASilicone-free ultra moisturizing lip balm with SPF 15. Pink balm.Elevance Renewable Science, Dow, Hallstar, Lambson,
Competition Swim Cream WashCompetition Swim Cream WashBeauty & Personal CareToiletries, Skin CareSoap & Wash, MaskFitspirationEMEAHydrating shower cream with a great sensory profile and foam volume. Stable system of water, oil and surfactants /emulsifiers. White creamy emulsion.Cargill, Hallstar, Kao, Akema
Cool It Down Body MistCool It Down Body MistBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareToner, Body CareFitspirationEMEAFast-drying sprayable fresh and refreshing mist to cool down. Ivory fluid liquid.Dow, Lambiotte
Deep Dive Purifying TonerDeep Dive Purifying TonerBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareTonerFitspirationEMEANon-aggressive toner with low alcohol content, while keeping the astringent aim of toner. Blue liquid toner with caps in suspension.Cargill, Hallstar, Akema
Game Face H2O FoundationGame Face H2O FoundationBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsFaceFitspirationEMEASilicone-free, long-lasting, fluid stable water-based foundation. Brown _uid foundation.Elevance Renewable Science, Dow, Hallstar,
Ice Bath Cryotherapy GelIce Bath Cryotherapy GelBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareMoisturizerFitspirationEMEAMoisturizing body gel with cooling and pain-relief sensation. Ice blue gel.Dow, Lambiotte
Matchpoint Eternal Glow LuminizerMatchpoint Eternal Glow LuminizerBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsFaceFitspirationEMEALong-lasting water-based highlighter. Minimalist formula with less than 10 INCI names with great spreadability, fast drying and good coverage properties. Shiny and light golden fluid gel.Dow, , ANGUS
Mud Day Hair WaxMud Day Hair WaxBeauty & Personal CareHair CareStylingFitspirationEMEAHigh viscosity creamy wax for medium hair styling. Mattifying and easy rinsability properties. Kaki green waxy cream.Cargill, Dow, ANGUS, Hallstar, Elevance Renewable Science
Post Workout Facial FuelPost Workout Facial FuelBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareMoisturizerFitspirationEMEAHydrating daily face cream emulsion manufactured through an eco-conscious process (lower energy). Ochre brilliant and smooth cream.Cargill, Dow, Akema, ANGUS, Elevance Renewable Science
Sun Salutation SPF 30Sun Salutation SPF 30Beauty & Personal CareSun CareSunscreenFitspirationEMEAOil sunscreen protection SPF 30 with sweatproof properties. Fluid and transparent texture without greasiness.Dow, Hallstar, Kao
Coated nutsFoodSnacksNutsPermissible IndulgenceEMEACreate light and crispy baked coated nuts consumers like by partially replacing wheat flour in the coatingIngredion
Wheat CrackerFoodSnacksCrackersPermissible IndulgenceEMEAProduces a very light and blistered cracker using waxy maize starchIngredion
GF Pitta BreadFoodBakeryBreadsSimple IngredientsEMEAA gluten-free pitta bread made with chickpea flourIngredion, AGT
GF Blueberry MuffinFoodBakeryMuffinsSimple IngredientsEMEAA gluten-free blueberry muffin made with deflavoured yellow lentil flour for a cleaner flavour profileIngredion, AGT
Soft Baked CookiesFoodBakeryCookiesPermissible IndulgenceEMEASoft-baked cookies made with deflavoured yellow lentil flour for a cleaner flavour profileIngredion, AGT
GF Chocolate MuffinFoodBakeryMuffinsSimple IngredientsEMEAA gluten-free chocolate muffin made with yellow lentil flour to support texture when replacing wheat flourIngredion, AGT
GF Pulse BreadFoodBakeryBreadsSimple IngredientsEMEAGluten-free bread made with yellow lentil flour to support texture when replacing wheat flourIngredion, AGT
GF Savoury MuffinFoodBakeryMuffinsSimple IngredientsEMEAA gluten-free savoury muffin made with faba bean flour to support popular label claimsIngredion, AGT
GF Semi Sweet BiscuitsFoodBakeryCookiesSimple IngredientsEMEAGluten-free semi-sweet biscuits made with tapioca starch and faba bean flour to improve texture, colour and taste in biscuitsIngredion, AGT
GF Shortbread CookiesFoodBakeryCookiesSimple IngredientsEMEAGluten-free shortbread cookies made with native tapioca & potato starch and faba bean flour to help develop textureIngredion, AGT
GF Puff PastryFoodBakeryPastriesSimple IngredientsEMEAGluten-free puff pastry with faba bean flour to support texture when replacing wheat flourIngredion, AGT
GF Savoury Short Crust PastryFoodBakeryPastriesSimple IngredientsEMEAGluten-free savoury shortcrust pastry with faba bean flour to support texture when replacing wheat flourIngredion, AGT
GF Pulse PancakeFoodBakeryCakesSimple IngredientsEMEAGluten-free pancake made with pulse flours and functional native starches to improve texture in the final productIngredion, AGT
GF TortillaFoodBakeryTortillasSimple IngredientsEMEAA gluten-free tortilla that offers improved eating quality and processingIngredion, AGT
Falafel WaffleFoodBakeryCakesPermissible IndulgenceEMEAA falafel-style waffle recipe that offers improved eating quality through texture and tasteIngredion, AGT
GF Pizza BaseFoodBakeryBreadsSimple Ingredients, WellnessEMEAA high-quality and good source of protein gluten free pizza baseIngredion, AGT
Pulse BreadFoodBakeryBreadsSimple IngredientsEMEAGluten-free bread made with faba bean flour to support texture & taste when replacing wheat flour. Can also help to increase protein contentIngredion, AGT
GF BreadFoodBakeryBreadsSimple IngredientsEMEAGluten-free bread made with faba bean protein, modified tapioca starch, maize and native potato starch that serves to develo and maintain texture during shelf-lifeIngredion, AGT
High Protein BreadFoodBakeryBreadsWellnessEMEAA high protein bread made with deflavoured faba bean protein which enriches baked goods in protein without compromising taste or textureAGT
Cod Nuggets CoatingFoodPrepared FoodsAppetizersPermissible IndulgenceEMEAImprove eating quality with crunchy texture and golden colourIngredion, AGT
Crunchy Chicken CoatingFoodPrepared FoodsAppetizersWellness, Permissible IndulgenceEMEAImproved nutrition from a _high in protein_ claim and improved eating quality with a crunchy textureIngredion, AGT
Crispy Chicken CoatingFoodPrepared FoodsAppetizersWellness, Permissible IndulgenceEMEAImproved nutrition from a _high in protein_ claim and improved eating quality with a crispy textureIngredion, AGT
Vegan Cheese SpreadFoodDairyNon-DairyWellness, Permissible IndulgenceEMEAProtein enrichmed vegan cheese spread with reduced off flavoursAGT
Vegan Cheese SpreadFoodDairyNon-DairyWellness, Permissible IndulgenceEMEAProtein enrichmed vegan cheese spread with reduced off flavoursIngredion, AGT
Vegan YoghurtFoodDairyNon-DairyWellness, Permissible IndulgenceEMEAA vegan yoghurt with deflavoured faba bean protein which contributes to mouthfeel and adds proteinIngredion, AGT
Egg Free Vegan MayonnaiseFoodSoups, Sauces & DressingsSaucesPermissible IndulgenceEMEAEgg-free mayonnaise suitable for vegans with a creamy mouthfeelIngredion, AGT
Vegetarian Pulse BurgerFoodPrepared FoodsEntreesPermissible IndulgenceEMEAA vegetarian patty with a cleaner flavour profile from deflavoured lentil floursIngredion, AGT
Extended Beef BurgerFoodPrepared FoodsEntreesPermissible IndulgenceEMEABeefburger recipe containing chickpea flourIngredion, AGT
Arabian Spiced FalafelFoodPrepared FoodsEntreesWellnessEMEAHigh protein chickpea balls made with Arabian spicesAGT
Lamb KoftaFoodPrepared FoodsEntreesPermissible IndulgenceEMEACost effective spiced lamb kofta recipesIngredion, AGT
GF Extruded Snack PelletsFoodSnacksChipsPermissible IndulgenceEMEAGluten free extruded snacks with enhanced quality through crunchy texturesAGT
GF Clean Taste Pulse CrackersFoodSnacksCrackersSimple IngredientsEMEACrackers from unique pulse ingredients with reduced beany and green notes Ingredion, AGT
GF Pulse CrackersFoodSnacksCrackersSimple IngredientsEMEACrackers from unique pulse ingredients with constant flour qualityIngredion, AGT
GF Extruded PuffsFoodSnacksChipsSimple Ingredients, Permissible IndulgenceEMEAGluten free extruded snacks with enhanced quality through crunchy texturesAGT
Caramel Puffs with Faba Bean ProteinFoodSnacksChipsWellnessEMEACaramel flavoured puffs made with faba bean protein concentrate to help control expansion and produce different texturesAGT
Mac & Cheese SauceFoodPrepared FoodsReady-to-eat meals & meal kitsSimple IngredientsEMEAA sauce recipe suitable for Mac & Cheese, made using faba bean flourIngredion, AGT
GF Chicken GravyFoodSoups & SaucesSaucesSimple IngredientsEMEAGluten free chicken gravy recipe, made using pulse floursIngredion, AGT
Arabia Spiced HummusFoodPrepared FoodsAppetizersSimple IngredientsEMEAArabian-spiced hummus that uses chickpea flour to reduce whole chickpeasIngredion, AGT
Beetroot HummusFoodPrepared FoodsAppetizersSimple IngredientsEMEABeetroot-flavoured hummus that uses chickpea flour to reduce whole chickpeasIngredion, AGT
Caramel Puffs with Pulse FloursFoodSnacksChipsPermissible IndulgenceEMEACaramel flavoured puffs made with pulse flours to provide expansion and a light crispy textureAGT
Chickpea HummusFoodPrepared FoodsAppetizersSimple IngredientsEMEAClean label chickpea hummus that uses chickpea flour to reduce whole chickpeasIngredion, AGT
Wheat Crackers 2FoodSnacksCrackersWellness, Permissible IndulgenceEMEAProtein enriched wheat crackers with made with easy to use plant proteinsIngredion, AGT
Waterless Wash and WaxHomecare & Industrial CleaningAutoCleaning, ShineAuto CareUSADo away with the tangled water hose and messy soap buckets with this latest innovation in waterless detailing. Spray on and wipe off with a streak free and water spot free finish. A waterless car wash is an eco-friendly and efficient car wash that uses little or no water. Waterless Wash & Wax applied with a microfiber cloth cleans without streaking and leaves a glossy water repellent finish. Dow, Solvay
Glass Cleaner & Water RepellentHomecare & Industrial CleaningAutoCleaning, Water RepellentAuto CareUSASee the road ahead clearly in any weather with this glass cleaner and water repellant. Water beading technology repels rain and helps prevent sleet, snow, ice, bugs and road spray from sticking to glass. Glass Cleaner & Water Repellent leaves a slick surface with no streaking for improved anti-fog and water repellency.Dow, Abitec, Solvay
General Purpose Cleaner ConcentrateHomecare & Industrial CleaningAutoCleaningAuto CareUSAThe all-purpose cleaner for carpets, fabrics and car surfaces. Safe on most plastic, fabric, and metal surfaces. Removes salt, oil, grease, Clariant, Wincom Inc.
Nature's Friend Cleaner ConcentrateHomecare & Industrial CleaningAutoCleaningAuto CareUSAKeep the interior of your car looking fresh and clean with this eco-friendly, all-purpose cleaner for carpets, fabrics, and car surfaces. Safe on most plastic, fabric, and metal surfaces. Removes salt, oil, grease, food, pet and even wine stains.This mildly alkaline cleaner is an environmentally safer way to clean surfaces without harsh acids, bases or strong solvents. This is a versatile cleaner that is used at 2-10% and can even be used to clean the oil and grease stains left by cars on garage floors.Clariant, Nouryon, Wincom Inc.
Fabric and Trim CleanerHomecare & Industrial CleaningAutoCleaningAuto CareUSAPrevent outdoor adventures from ruining car interiors with this fabric and trim cleaner that dissolves and removes dirt and stains from auto-motive carpets, fabrics, and upholstery. Safe on most plastic, fabric, and metal surfaces. Removes oils, greases, and food stains.Univar Solutions
Waterless Silicone Tire ShineHomecare & Industrial CleaningAutoShineTire CareUSANo water? No problem! Keep tires looking shiny and new anywhere and anytime with this easy to apply Waterless Silicone Dow, Univar Solutions
Aqueous Silicone Tire ShineHomecare & Industrial CleaningAutoShineTire CareUSAAqueous Silicone Tire Shine is a solvent free easy to apply silicone that leaves a high gloss finish to tires.Dow, Solvay
Tire and Rim Cleaner ConcentrateHomecare & Industrial CleaningAutoCleaningTire CareUSAThe all-purpose cleaner for tires and rims that does all of the dirty work for you. Safe on most tire and rims including aluminum and magnesium. Clariant, Solvay, Univar Solutions
Nature's Friend Tire and Rim Cleaner ConcentrateHomecare & Industrial CleaningAutoCleaningTire CareUSAThe all-purpose cleaner for tires and rims that is safer to the environment. Safe on most tire and rims including aluminum and Clariant, Solvay, Nouryon, Univar Solutions
Magic Muzzel SmootherHomecare & Industrial CleaningPetConditionerPet CareUSASnout balm treats and prevents dry, chapped, cracked, and bleeding dog noses and dry skin around the face, lips, and ears.DSM, Inolex
No More SnarlsHomecare & Industrial CleaningPetDetangler, ShinePet CareUSAPet detangler is a rinse-free spay-on formula that removes matts, tangles, loose hair, and leaves behind a nice shiney coat. from your petand leaves a nice shiney coat.Dow, Inolex, Solvay
Pleasing Pads Paw BalmHomecare & Industrial CleaningPetConditionerPet CareUSAPerfect for treating ruff¥ & dry""Cabot, Dow, DSM, Inolex
Pretty Kitty Waterless ShampooHomecare & Industrial CleaningPetShampooPet CareUSAWaterless, foaming shampoo gently cleanses coats and is pH balanced for cats. Formulated without essential oils, fragrances, or sulfates.Dow, Inolex, Solvay
Squeaky Clean Coats Pet ShampooHomecare & Industrial CleaningPetShampooPet CareUSAThis sulfate-free, pH-balanced pet shampoo was formulated to gently clean your pet_s coat and relieve dry & itchy skin, leaving your pet smelling squeaky clean. Vitamins and moisturizers promote health and combat irritation.DSM, Solvay
Soft & Shiny Coats Pet ConditionaerHomecare & Industrial CleaningPetConditionerPet CareUSAThis skin-soothing, creamy conditioner was formulated to revive your pet_s coat, restoring softness and shine. Loaded with moisturizers and skin-soothing ingredients, your pet_s skin is pampered, too.Dow, DSM, Inolex, Solvay
Chocolate chip protein bitesFoodBakeryBitesIFT19USAThese bites are made with three plant-based proteins - pea, rice, and algae - and enhanced with delicious chocolate chips for a snack that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.Cargill, Axiom Foods, Corbion, Ingredion, Clabber Girl, Jungbunzlauer, Corbion, Morton Salt, ICL, Solvay
Gluten-free chocolate chip protein bitesFoodBakeryBitesIBIE 2019USAThese gluten-free bites are made with three plant-based proteins - pea, rice, and algae - and enhanced with delicious chocolate chips for a snack that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.Cargill, Axiom Foods, Corbion, Ingredion, Clabber Girl, Jungbunzlauer, Corbion, Morton Salt, ICL, Solvay
Protein-enhanced tortillasFoodBakeryTortillasIBIE 2019USAThese tortillas are made with two plant-based proteins - pea and rice - to enhance a variety of snacks and meals.Cargill, ICL, Axiom Foods, Clabber Girl, DuPont, Kerry, Morton Salt
White cheddar popcornFoodSnacksPopcornIFT19USAThis delicious popcorn is made with real white cheddar cheese for an indulgent snack.Kerry, Ingredion, Morton Salt, Corbion, ICL
Tangy orange popcornFoodSnacksPopcornIFT19USAThe sour tanginess comes from a unique powdered malic acid that can be used to enhance a variety of snacks and confections.Cargill, Corbion
Laser Focus Eye CreamBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareAnti-AgingTreasuresCanadaTo combat those crows_ feet and keep you bright eyed and bushy tailed.Dow
Ever Smooth Color Cosmetics BaseBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsPrimerTreasuresCanadaA super-smooth primer base to provide blurring optical effects with functional ingredients.Dow
Luminous Brightening Face MaskBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareMaskTreasuresCanadaWhy not treat yourself to an at-home spa experience and transform your tired dull skin?Dow
Girls Gone Wild Spritz N Surf SprayBeauty & Personal CareHair CareStylingTreasuresCanadaFor soft, tousled beach waves.Dow
Lock It In Primer and Setting SprayBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsPrimerTreasuresCanadaA unique 2-in-1 Color Cosmetics primer and setting spray to keep your skin fresh and Color Cosmetics in place from first thing in the morning to late at night.Dow
Melting Hair Care ButterBeauty & Personal CareHair CareConditionerReady. Jet. Set. Go!CanadaA whipped butter_like, leave-in conditioner that softens dry, tangled hair and reduces combing force.Dow
Blurr Hydrating Anti-Aging GelBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareMoisturizer, Anti-AgingReady. Jet. Set. Go!CanadaThe perfect solution for dry skin, enlarged pores, fine lines, and wrinkles.Dow
Puff Off Eye SerumBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareEyeReady. Jet. Set. Go!CanadaThis miraculous de-puffer formulation will reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.Dow
Color Cosmetics Break Up Cleansing MistBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareCleanserReady. Jet. Set. Go!CanadaAn effective, gentle way to deeply cleanse and melt impurities and Color Cosmetics without leaving an oily residue.Dow
Sleeping Beauty OilBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareMoisturizer Ready. Jet. Set. Go!CanadaA fast-absorbing facial oil with superb skin lightening and brightening properties.Dow
Beam Me Up Scotty Face IlluminatorBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsFaceReady. Jet. Set. Go!CanadaThis oil water bronze liquid highlighter adds a subtle flow to tired skin.Dow, Sun
Radiant Glow Foaming Face PowderBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsFaceGlow KitCanadaThe hottest skin care secret that exfoliates and brightens with the fascination of a chemistry experiment.Dow, Jungbunzlauer
Illuminating Glow LotionBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsBody CareGlow KitCanadaA refreshing light lotion that is easy to spread, is quick absorbing, and provides an instant moisture boost and skin glow.Dow, ANGUS
Mystical Unicorn Lip Stain & Glossy OvercoatBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsLipsKeepin' It RealCanadaAn oil-resistant long-wear lip stain with a mystical holographic high-shine glossy overcoat.Dow
Stress Defense Water In BalmBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareBody CareKeepin' It RealCanadaA unique transforming texture balm, with an initial luxurious feel, melts into the skin without a greasy residue.Dow
Rescue Remedy Pressed SerumBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareFaceKeepin' It RealCanadaThis highly concentrated jelly-like serum transforms into a fast-absorbing emollient that delivers potent actives for a youthful-looking, rested complexion.Dow
Punk it up Hair Ringing GelBeauty & Personal CareHair CareStylingKeepin' It RealCanadaA clear ringing gel that is ideal for taming curly frizzy hair. It shapes, molds, and holds hair in place while providing the ability to rework ringlets throughout the day.Dow
Rest,Reset,Recharge Sleep MaskBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareMask, MoisturizerKeepin' It RealCanadaWater Fuse Hydro Sleep Mask is an overnight mask that creates a protective barrier on your skin to lock in vital moisture and nutrients while you get your beauty rest.Dow
Moisturizing Silk Meringue Shower FoamBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareSoap & WashKeepin' It RealCanadaThis sulfate free body cleanser foams instantly into a delicate, creamy lather, for a fresh clean feel without stripping skin of essential moisture. It gently removes impurities and leaves your skin feeling fresh and hydrated.Dow
Todo LevinhoBeauty & Personal CareHair CareShampooBeleza EssencialLATAMTransformando o que se conhece de shampoo pelo mundo, essa f胆rmula livre de sulfatos oferece uma espuma densa, rica e cremosa, redefinindo um simples banho em algo superior. Essa incr胆vel textura agu胆a seus sentidos e te resgata dos momentos de estresse e tens張o. Sinta seus cabelos saud注veis e brilhantes ap胆s um momento extraordin注rio.Dow, Kao
Fada NoturnaBeauty & Personal CareHair CareTreatmentBeleza EssencialLATAMSeu momento de cuidado com os cabelos n張o precisa encontrar um lugar em sua agenda, conhe胆a o prazer de relaxar e tratar dos fios enquanto dorme. Deixe os ingredientes executarem sua m注gica e surpreenda-se com a revitaliza胆張o capilar que ter注 ao acordar.Dow, Kao
De Cara LimpaBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareCleansing CreamBeleza EssencialLATAMQuando o simples se torna sofisticado. Esse creme de limpeza te transporta para um SPA elevando suas experi帝ncias no conforto de sua casa. Permita que sua pele respire, desobstruindo os poros e deixando-a livre para receber o tratamento que voc帝 merece. Todos precisamos de uma pausa aut帝ntica, deixe essa textura acompanhar voc帝 em uma nova viagem sensorial.ANGUS, Dow, Kao
Pra Toda Hora FPS 30Beauty & Personal CareSun CareSunscreenBeleza EssencialLATAMCuidar, amar e estar aqui para te apoiar a cada momento durante o dia. Com textura leve, o creme desliza sem esfor胆o, seca rapidamente e torna-se invis胆vel. Para contradizer que o bom deve ser caro, essa formula胆張o traz economia, prote胆張o contra os raios UV-A, UV-B, luz vis胆vel, radicais livres fotoinduzidos e controle de oleosidade. A todos que ainda procuram... Encontramos o FPS ideal para o p胆blico brasileiro.ANGUS, BASF, Dow
Bolhas EfervescentesBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareLiquid SoapManifestaLATAMQuantas vezes voc帝 mudou de produto em busca de algo que realmente cuidasse da sua pele? Em busca de uma solu胆張o, desenvolvemos um sabonete l胆quido que purifica e reduz a oleosidade de forma eficaz e duradoura.ANGUS, BASF, Dow, Kao
Shampoo de RespeitoBeauty & Personal CareHair CareShampooManifestaLATAMQuem nunca agrediu as madeixas que atire a primeira pedra! Sinta-se livre para mudar e deixe esse shampoo hidratar e cuidar de quem complementa sua identidade, seus cabelos!Dow, Kao
Beard ColorBeauty & Personal CareHair CareHair DyeManifestaLATAMAs barbearias pelo mundo alcan胆aram um outro n胆vel e agora encontramos produtos al朝m do corte e do penteado. Para disfar胆ar os fios brancos de maneira definitiva e duradoura, sem o odor de am窒nia, criamos um produto excepcional.Kao
Wonder LashesBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsMascaraManifestaLATAMC胆lios volumosos, marcantes e dram注ticos! Essa 朝 a formula胆張o que vai destacar seu olhar por onde voc帝 for.ANGUS, BASF, Dow, Grace
Bubble Hair Styling GelBubble Hair Styling GelBeauty & Personal CareHair CareHair Styling gelDaringly BeautifulEMEAClear hair styling gel with air bubbles in suspension. Transparent gel.Dow, Akema, Angus
Belicious! Sleep Mask (O/W)Belicious! Sleep Mask (O/W)Beauty & Personal CareSkin CareMaskDaringly BeautifulEMEABouncy and hydrating body butter with good pick up. Thick butter with pale purple colour.Kao, Dow, Aiglon, Univar Colour, Akema
Frizz-Taming Taffy- W/Si ConditionerFrizz-Taming Taffy- W/Si ConditionerBeauty & Personal CareHair CareHair leave-on conditionerDaringly BeautifulEMEAW/Si frizz-control conditioner. Elastic and stretchy white cream.Dow, Kao, Univar Colour
Silky Feel Hair Styling GelSilky Feel Hair Styling GelBeauty & Personal CareHair CareHair Styling gelDaringly BeautifulEMEAClear hair styling gel with a slight jelly-like texture and clean pick-up. Transparent gel.Dow, Akema, Angus
Exquisite Sun Care - W/O+SiExquisite Sun Care - W/O+SiBeauty & Personal CareSun CaresunscreenDaringly BeautifulEMEAW/O+Si sun care lotion. White fluid emulsion.Dow, Elementis
HD Cream - O/WHD Cream - O/WBeauty & Personal CareSkin Care, Make-upFace primerDaringly BeautifulEMEACream masking spectacularly skin imperfections associated to a cotton and fresh feel. White emulsion.Dow, Kao, Akema
iLove- Shower GeliLove- Shower GelBeauty & Personal CareToiletriesShower gelDaringly BeautifulEMEAA crystal clear conditioning shower gel which suspends coloured beads and red heart films. Transparent gel.Dow, Kao, Jungbunzlauer
Oil-in-Gel MakeUp RemoverOil-in-Gel MakeUp RemoverBeauty & Personal CareToiletriesMake-up removerDaringly BeautifulEMEAMake-up remover gel gentle and soothing. Delicate colored jelly texture.Kao, Dow, Kemin, Univar Colour
Peel-Off LakePeel-Off LakeBeauty & Personal CareToiletriesPeel off maskDaringly BeautifulEMEAPeel-off colored make up using a lake. Fluid vibrant yellow fluid.Sekisui, Dow, Kao, Univar Colour
Pink Rebel Ultra Shine Lip Gloss (W/O)Pink Rebel Ultra Shine Lip Gloss (W/O)Beauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsLip glossDaringly BeautifulEMEAUltra shine lip gloss associated to a vibrant colour and a plumping action. Pink gel.Kao, Dow, Akema
Refreshing Feel Hair Styling GelRefreshing Feel Hair Styling GelBeauty & Personal CareHair CareHair Styling gelDaringly BeautifulEMEAClear hair styling gel with a unique jelly-like texture and minimal pick-up. Transparent gel.Dow, Akema, Angus
Ringing Wax (Hair Styling Wax)Ringing Wax (Hair Styling Wax)Beauty & Personal CareHair CareHair styling waxDaringly BeautifulEMEAHair styling wax with ringing texture. White waxy paste.Exxon Mobil, Dow, Kao, Akema
Rock-Coco (Solid Fragrance)Rock-Coco (Solid Fragrance)Beauty & Personal CareFragranceSolid fragranceDaringly BeautifulEMEANomad solid fragrance gel delivering a delicate note of fragrance once in contact with the skin. Red crystal clear gel.Kraton, Univar Colour, Kao, Kemin
Secret Shell - W/Si+O Skin Protection CreamSecret Shell - W/Si+O Skin Protection CreamBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareAntipollution CreamDaringly BeautifulEMEAW/Si+O anti-pollution protective cream with a light texture. White emulsion.Kao, Dow, Exxon Mobil
Smooth Feel Hair Styling GelSmooth Feel Hair Styling GelBeauty & Personal CareHair CareHair Styling gelDaringly BeautifulEMEAClear hair styling gel with a full bodied texture and generous pick-up. Transparent gel.Dow, Akema, Angus
Vitamin Balls Vending PrimerVitamin Balls Vending PrimerBeauty & Personal CareSkin Care, Color CosmeticsFace primerDaringly BeautifulEMEASerum pearled with suspended soft beads. Transparent gel with colored active beads in suspension.Dow, Akema
XYZ Perfumed Body GelXYZ Perfumed Body GelBeauty & Personal CareFragranceGel fragranceDaringly BeautifulEMEAPurple perfumed body gel with skin conditioning and skin soothing benefits.Akema, Lambiotte, Dow, Kemin, Kao
Trio-Politan (Tri-Phasic MakeUp Remover)Trio-Politan (Tri-Phasic MakeUp Remover)Beauty & Personal CareToiletriesMake-up removerDaringly BeautifulEMEATri-phasic makeup remover lotion made of 3 separate clear layers. Once shaked an homogeneous green lotion is formed which separates very quickly (only few minutes).Kao, Dow, Akema, Univar Colour, Kemin, Lambiotte
Rich Feel Hair Styling GelRich Feel Hair Styling GelBeauty & Personal CareHair CareHair Styling gelDaringly BeautifulEMEAClear hair styling gel with a stringy texture and maximum pick-up. Transparent gel.Dow, Akema, Angus
Sun Salutation SPF 50Sun Salutation SPF 50Beauty & Personal CareSun CaresunscreenFitspirationEMEASuncare sprayable oil with a SPF50+. Yellow oily liquid.Dow, Hallstar, Kao
Oh My Brow 3-in-1 WandOh My Brow 3-in-1 WandBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsBrow colorMysterious BeautyEMEABrow make up paste with a brown color and green glitters.Dow, Angus, Univar Colour, Kao, Akema
Imperial Dreams Wonderlash MascaraImperial Dreams Wonderlash MascaraBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsMascaraMysterious BeautyEMEAEye waterproof mascara with a brilliant purple color. Thick paste.Ceresine, Dow, Univar Colour, Akema
Chroming Chronic Sculpting FoundationChroming Chronic Sculpting FoundationBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsFoundationMysterious BeautyEMEAFace foundation with memory shape, light shade with green glitters. Colored emulsion. Dow, Univar Colour, Angus, Akema, Kao
Forever Young - Total Protection Sunscreen SerumForever Young - Total Protection Sunscreen SerumBeauty & Personal CareSun CaresunscreenMysterious BeautyEMEASuncare face serum with SPF15. Fluid white emulsion.Lambiotte, Dow, Kao, Angus, Akema
Superstar Beard Oil Daily TreatmentSuperstar Beard Oil Daily TreatmentBeauty & Personal CareSun CareBeard treatmentMysterious BeautyEMEABeard condtioning oil with SPF15 protection. Yellow fluid oil.Dow, Aiglon, Kao, Lambiotte
Repair and Refresh After Sun gel creamRepair and Refresh After Sun gel creamBeauty & Personal CareSkin Care, Sun CareAfter sunMysterious BeautyEMEAAfter-sun gel cream with encapsulated actives. White fluid and shiny gel with orange caps.Dow, Aiglon, Jungbunzlauer, Kao, Akema
All that Glitters Oil in Shower MoisturizerAll that Glitters Oil in Shower MoisturizerBeauty & Personal CareToiletriesShower oilMysterious BeautyEMEAShower cleansing oil hydrating with transforming milky texture. Bronze glitters in a clear yellow oil.Dow, Aiglon, Kao
Busy Gentlemen ONLY Beard, Body, HairBusy Gentlemen ONLY Beard, Body, HairBeauty & Personal CareToiletriesHair, Body Care, BeardMysterious BeautyEMEATransparent cleansing gel for beard, body and hair. Colourless gel.Dow, Kao, Akema
Buff it Out Exfoliating ShampooBuff it Out Exfoliating ShampooBeauty & Personal CareHair CareExfoliating shampooMysterious BeautyEMEASclap exfoliating shampoo. Viscous gel with green caps and bubbles.Dow, Kao, Emerald
Style-N-Go Firm Hold GelStyle-N-Go Firm Hold GelBeauty & Personal CareHair CareHair Styling gelMysterious BeautyEMEAClear hair styling gel with a full bodied texture and generous pick-up. Transparent gel.Dow, Angus, Kao
No More Tangles Conditioning Rinse-off TreatmentNo More Tangles Conditioning Rinse-off TreatmentBeauty & Personal CareHair CareRinse-off hair conditionerMysterious BeautyEMEAConditioning hair cream. Smooth white quick-break cream.Dow, Angus, Akema, Kao
Tinted gel Skin Perfector for himTinted gel Skin Perfector for himBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareFacial color controlMysterious BeautyEMEATinted gel for men with a brown dye to color transparently the skin. Goldish brown gel, supple and shiny.Dow, Angus, Kao, Akema, Univar Colour
Magic Melting Eraser Make-up Remover BalmMagic Melting Eraser Make-up Remover BalmBeauty & Personal CareToiletriesSolid make-up removerMysterious BeautyEMEAMake-up remover solid anhydrous balm. Light yellow butter.Ceresine, Aiglon, Dow, Kao
Perfect Pout Lip Duo MaskPerfect Pout Lip Duo MaskBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareLip careMysterious BeautyEMEACreamy hydrating emulsion for lips. Light pink thick cream.Dow, Akema, Univar Colour, Kao
Perfect Pout Lip Duo ScrubPerfect Pout Lip Duo ScrubBeauty & Personal CareToiletriesLip scrubMysterious BeautyEMEA
The Modern Man Facial CleanserThe Modern Man Facial CleanserBeauty & Personal CareToiletriesFacial cleanserMysterious BeautyEMEAFace cleanser with a brick color keeping bubbles in suspension. Clear colored gel.Dow, Kao, Akema, Univar Colour
3D Magnetized Granite Hand Scrub3D Magnetized Granite Hand ScrubBeauty & Personal CareToiletriesHand scrubNo BoundariesEMEACreamy and hydrating hand exfoliator containing magnetite. White thick emulsion with black beadsDow, Angus, Aiglon, Hallstar, Kao
Blue Concrete High Performance Co-WashBlue Concrete High Performance Co-WashBeauty & Personal CareHair CareCleansing ConditionerNo BoundariesEMEALow-poo & low surfactant co-wash, condition and cleanse hair without stripping the hair. Dark grey-blue thick non-foaming gel.Dow, Kao, Hallstar, Univar Colour
Blue Steel Sebum Control EssenceBlue Steel Sebum Control EssenceBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareAnti-shine creamNo BoundariesEMEAFace serum anti-shine. Soft blue cream.Dow, Hallstar, Kao, Univar Colour, Akema
Calming Lavender Rejuvenating Night MaskCalming Lavender Rejuvenating Night MaskBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareNight MaskNo BoundariesEMEANight hydrating mask. Mauve thick emulsion.Dow, Angus, Aiglon, Hallstar, Kao, Akema, Univar Colour
Forever Color Cleansing ConditionerForever Color Cleansing ConditionerBeauty & Personal CareHair CareCleansing conditionerNo BoundariesEMEACleansing gel with a conditioning effect, non foaming. Liquid gel colored emerald green.Dow, Kao, Angus, Univar Colour, Akema
Garnet Prep Goddess Brow ScrubGarnet Prep Goddess Brow ScrubBeauty & Personal CareToiletriesBrow ScrubNo BoundariesEMEAExfoliating gel for brows. Clear gel with copper and black particles suspendedDow, Kao, Akema
Gilded Amber Illusion Eye TintGilded Amber Illusion Eye TintBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsEye ShadowNo BoundariesEMEAFresh eye shadow gel with glitters in suspension and long-lasting effect. Metallic color in a supple and shiny aqueous gel.Dow, Akema, Angus
High Shine Lip PaintHigh Shine Lip PaintBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsLipstickNo BoundariesEMEALipstick declined into three shades: copper, emerals and pinkCeresine, Dow, Aiglon
Nude Skin Oil-in-Milk Make-Up RemoverNude Skin Oil-in-Milk Make-Up RemoverBeauty & Personal CaretoiletriesMake-up removerNo BoundariesEMEAFace make up remover with a milky texture and a high oil loading. White fluid emulsionDow, Angus, Kao, Exxon Mobil, Akema
Shimmering Jade Natural Body ExfoliatorShimmering Jade Natural Body ExfoliatorBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsBody Care scrubNo BoundariesEMEAExfoliating and cleansing body gel with vegetable particles. Yellow-green glittering gel.Dow, Kao, Akema, Univar Colour, Eco-Shell
So Glossy LipglossSo Glossy LipglossBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsLip glossNo BoundariesEMEAOil-based lipgloss with extra-shine effect. Thickened oil declined into three shades: copper, emerald and pink.Exxon Mobil, Aiglon, Kraton, Hallstar
VidaGold Hydrating Nail TreatmentVidaGold Hydrating Nail TreatmentBeauty & Personal CareNail careCuticle hydratorNo BoundariesEMEAHydrating gel for nails. Aqueous gold gel with yellow beads.Dow, Angus, Akema, Lambiotte, Kao
White Marble Hydrate & Prime Perfecting BaseWhite Marble Hydrate & Prime Perfecting BaseBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareFace primerNo BoundariesEMEAFace soft-focus primer with hydrating properties. Pearlescent white emulsion.Dow, Angus, Akema, Kao
Raw Ochre Clay Purifying Hair MaskRaw Ochre Clay Purifying Hair MaskBeauty & Personal CareHair CareHair MaskNo BoundariesEMEAPurifying clay hair mask, extra smoothness of the texture and hair repairer. Thick yellow paste.Dow, Akema, Angus, Kao, Univar Colour
Power Dirt Iron Intense Warming Mud MaskPower Dirt Iron Intense Warming Mud MaskBeauty & Personal CaretoiletriesFacial MaskNo BoundariesEMEAWarming face mask with purifying clay, water-free and extra-smoothness. Bordeau thick paste.Dow, Kao
Insta-Detox Green Clay Facial MaskInsta-Detox Green Clay Facial MaskBeauty & Personal CaretoiletriesFacial MaskNo BoundariesEMEAFace clay mask. Smooth and shiny paste with kaki green color.Dow, Akema, Angus, Univar Colour, Kao
Triple Seed Dry Styling OilTriple Seed Dry Styling OilBeauty & Personal CareHair CareBody Care OilOut with the ColdEMEAHair styling oil with a dry and light touch having curl retention properties. Yellow fluid oil. Dow, Kao
Cashmere Moments Mature Skin HydratorCashmere Moments Mature Skin HydratorBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareSkin hydratorOut with the ColdEMEABody moisturizing lotion for elder skins. White fluid and shily emulsionDow, Aiglon, Hallstar, Akema, Kao
Erase and Restart Nail Polish RemoverErase and Restart Nail Polish RemoverBeauty & Personal CareNail careNail polish removerOut with the ColdEMEANail remover with a non-harmful solvent and a gelified texture. Transparent gel.Kraton, Lambiotte, Aiglon, Univar Colour, Kao
Etoile de Jour Daily IlluminatorEtoile de Jour Daily IlluminatorBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareFacial illuminatorOut with the ColdEMEADaily hydrating face cream with encapsulated oil. Beige emulsion with Camelina caps.Dow, Angus, Aiglon, Hallstar, Akema, Kao
Fresh H'AIR Detoxifying SprayFresh H'AIR Detoxifying SprayBeauty & Personal CareHair CareHair detoxifying sprayOut with the ColdEMEAOn-the-go detox leave-on hair spray with anti-pollution and conditioning properties. White fluid.Dow, Kao, Hallstar, Akema
Fresh H'AIR Detoxifying Spray (CEE Germany)Fresh H'AIR Detoxifying Spray (CEE Germany)Beauty & Personal CareHair CareHair detoxifying sprayOut with the ColdEMEAOn-the-go detox leave-on hair spray with anti-pollution and conditioning properties. White fluid.Dow, Angus, Kao, Akema
Precious Silk Intensive Hand & Foot CreamPrecious Silk Intensive Hand & Foot CreamBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareHand & foot creamOut with the ColdEMEAMoisturizing rich cream for hand and feet. White thick emulsion.Dow, Angus, Kao, Akema
Safflower Dream Nourishing ShampooSafflower Dream Nourishing ShampooBeauty & Personal CareHair CareShampooOut with the ColdEMEAEco-friendly SLS-free shampoo enriched with encapsulated safflower oil. Pale pink gel with suspended caps.Dow, Kao, Akema
Shea Essence Micellar WaterShea Essence Micellar WaterBeauty & Personal CaretoiletriesFacial cleanserOut with the ColdEMEARefreshing, cleansing micellar jelly with a combination of encapsulated vitamins ans shea butter. Transluscent gel.Dow, Kao, Akema
Slumber Party Bath FoamSlumber Party Bath FoamBeauty & Personal CaretoiletriesFoam BathOut with the ColdEMEAMild & foaming bath gel with encapsulated colored beads with transforming color in contact with hot water. Pink gel with blue beads.Dow, Kao, Akema, Univar Colour
Slumber Party Bath Foam (non-DC version)Slumber Party Bath Foam (non-DC version)Beauty & Personal CaretoiletriesFoam BathOut with the ColdEMEAMild & foaming bath gel with encapsulated colored beads with transforming color in contact with hot water. Pink gel with blue beads.Dow, Kao, Akema, Univar Colour
Snowpack-Cold-Blue-Nail-TattooSnowpack-Cold-Blue-Nail-TattooBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsNail colorOut with the ColdEMEAWhite water-based ink for nail tattoo. White fluid without volatile solvent.Dow, Univar Colour, Akema
Tender Winter UV Protecting Lip BalmTender Winter UV Protecting Lip BalmBeauty & Personal CareSun CaresunscreenOut with the ColdEMEAPeach colored, smooth and nourishing lip balm with a broad spectrum UV-protection.Ceresine, Dow, Aiglon, Hallstar, Univar Colour
Snow Globe 3-Phase Facial TonicSnow Globe 3-Phase Facial TonicBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareFacial tonicOut with the ColdEMEAFacial toner with hydrating oil beads at the interface of a bi-phasic. Clear liquid with flowting beads.Akema, Kao
Butter Cream Shower FrostingButter Cream Shower FrostingBeauty & Personal CaretoiletriesShower butterSavage GlamourEMEAPink shower butter cream with moisturising and cleansing properties. Pink thick butter.Dow, Kao, Aiglon, Kemin, Akema, Univar Colour
Cherry Bomb Lip Tint-in-OilCherry Bomb Lip Tint-in-OilBeauty & Personal CareColor Cosmeticslip tintSavage GlamourEMEAJuicy shade lip oil with a glossy and vinyl look.Dow, Kemin, Univar Colour, Kao
City Flash N Blow Out AcceleratorCity Flash N Blow Out AcceleratorBeauty & Personal CareHair CareHair leave-on conditionerSavage GlamourEMEALeave-in conditioner for hair fast drying.Dow, Kao, Akema
Confectioners Delight - Honey Drizzle Body OilConfectioners Delight - Honey Drizzle Body OilBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareBody Care OilSavage GlamourEMEAMassage body oil with a honey appearance, smell and texture.Dow, Kemin, Kao, Univar Colour
Hard Candy - Cuticle BarrierHard Candy - Cuticle BarrierBeauty & Personal CareNail careCuticule barrierSavage GlamourEMEAPeelable liquid tape to protect cuticles from nail polish. Yellow fluid.Sekisui, Dow, Lambiotte, Akema, Univar Colour, Kao
LOHAS Protect & Boost Co-WashLOHAS Protect & Boost Co-WashBeauty & Personal CareHair Carecleansing conditionerSavage GlamourEMEACleansing & non-foaming hair conditioner.Kao, Dow, Akema
"No Smudge"" Marshmallow Shadow Base""No Smudge"" Marshmallow Shadow Base"Beauty & Personal CareSkin Care, Color Cosmeticscolor baseSavage GlamourEMEAFixation base for eye shadows and glitters with strong long-lasting properties. Mauve light emulsion.Dow, Angus, Univar Colour, Akema
Passion Fruit Exfoliating MarmaladePassion Fruit Exfoliating MarmaladeBeauty & Personal CaretoiletriesShower gelSavage GlamourEMEAJam-like body scrubbing and cleansing gel. Thick colored gel.Dow, Kao, Emerald, Univar Colour
Raspberry Smooth-N-Shine Syrup Leave-in Hair SerumRaspberry Smooth-N-Shine Syrup Leave-in Hair SerumBeauty & Personal CareHair CareLeave-on serum,shineSavage GlamourEMEALeave-in hair serum with shine and contioning properties. Syrup like texture.Dow, Kao, Univar Colour
Savage Hot Protector SpraySavage Hot Protector SprayBeauty & Personal CareHair Careleave-on spray, heat protectionSavage GlamourEMEASprayable leanve-in conditioner to protect hair from heat. Transluscent white fluid.Kao, Dow, Kemin, Akema
Shimmering Graffiti Shadow WandShimmering Graffiti Shadow WandBeauty & Personal CareColor Cosmeticslip glossSavage GlamourEMEAEyelid golden make-up with long-lasting properties and bouncy texture. Clear gel with big golden glitters in suspension.Dow
50+ SUNtastic Smoothie50+ SUNtastic SmoothieBeauty & Personal CareSun CaresunscreenSavage GlamourEMEAHigh SPF sun care lotion which is pink during application but disappears once spread. Pink fluid emulsion.Dow, Akema, Kao
Urban Armour - Antipollution HydratorUrban Armour - Antipollution HydratorBeauty & Personal CareSkin Careantipollution creamSavage GlamourEMEADaily hydrating face cream with anti-pollution properties. White emulsion.Dow, Exxon Mobil, Kao, Akema
Velvet Camo Nourishing Anti-Shine Gel/CreamVelvet Camo Nourishing Anti-Shine Gel/CreamBeauty & Personal CareSkin Care, Color CosmeticsNourishing, anti-shine creamSavage GlamourEMEADaily gel-cream with nourishing and anti-shine properties. White and shiny gelified emulsion.Dow, Kao, Akema
Wild Curl Taming DuoWild Curl Taming DuoBeauty & Personal CareHair Careprimer and stylingSavage GlamourEMEAHair primer used before styling to add care benefits to hair. Then apply Step 2 with a fixative ingredient. Dow, Akema, Kemin, Kao
ONEONEBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsfoundationSevenEMEAWater-free fluid foundation with a light and natural coverage. Fluid colored mixture.Dow, Elementis, Univar Colour
TWOTWOBeauty & Personal CaretoiletriesBody Care scrubSevenEMEASugar and coconut anhydrous body scrub. Light brown gel with brown sugar.Hallstar, Kao, Elementis
THREETHREEBeauty & Personal CareHair CarecleanserSevenEMEAShampoo in powder to rinse-off with water. Beige free-powder.Dow, Kao
FOURFOURBeauty & Personal CareSkin Carenight gel creamSevenEMEASleeping face mask with a gel texture. Light pink shiny transluscent gel.Dow, Angus, Ceresine, Hallstar
FIVEFIVEBeauty & Personal CareSkin Caregel cream, soft focus, sebum absorptionSevenEMEADaily face moisturising cream with a soft-focus effect. Smooth gel.Dow, Angus, Akema
SIXSIXBeauty & Personal CareHair Carenight hair maskSevenEMEANight reparing & conditioning hair mask. White shiny gel-cream.Hallstar, Dow, Akema, Kao
SEVENSEVENBeauty & Personal Caretoiletriesshower gel, sulfate-freeSevenEMEATransparent and SLS-free shower gel.Kao, Hallstar, Akema
EIGHTEIGHTBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareMistSevenEMEAHydrating and soothing body mist. White opaque liquid.Hallstar, Akema, Dow, Kao, Lambiotte
NINENINEBeauty & Personal CareColor CosmeticsLipstickSevenEMEARed semi-matte lipstick.Aiglon, Exxon Mobil, Dow, Univar Colour
TENTENBeauty & Personal CareSun CaresunscreenSevenEMEALight weight & water-resistant SPF50+ cream. Off-white thin cream.Hallstar, Dow, Akema
ELEVENELEVENBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareMattifying day creamSevenEMEADaily face cream for men with mattifying properties. White emulsion.Hallstar, Dow
No Poo Hair CleanserNo Poo Hair CleanserBeauty & Personal CareHair CarecleanserWhere East Meets WestEMEAWater-thin sprayable "dry"" shampoo for a leave-on use on hair. Opaque lotion for oily scalp."Dow, Kemin, Kao, Akema
Oil-in-Gel Sun CareOil-in-Gel Sun CareBeauty & Personal CareSun CaresunscreenWhere East Meets WestEMEASun care protective and hydrating oleo-gel with dry touch and quick evaporation. Yellow gel.Dow, Aiglon, Kemin, Kao, Lambiotte
Sleeping Beauty Facial OilSleeping Beauty Facial OilBeauty & Personal CareSkin Carefacial oilWhere East Meets WestEMEAClear water thin anhydrous facial night serum to preserve skin moisture and elasticity. Dow, Exxon Mobil, Kemin, Kao
Bi-Phasic Curl Defining ElixirBi-Phasic Curl Defining ElixirBeauty & Personal CareHair Careleave-on, curl definitionWhere East Meets WestEMEATwo phase hair spray with sun protection and conditioning properties.Lambiotte, Akema, Univar Colour, Dow, Kao
Blue Light Filter Foundation - W/Si+OBlue Light Filter Foundation - W/Si+OBeauty & Personal CareColor Cosmeticsfoundation, faceWhere East Meets WestEMEAFluid W/Si+O foundation with blue light protection and satin-like feel and durable effect.Dow, Elementis, Kemin, Akema, Kao
Body Tan Cushion W/SiBody Tan Cushion W/SiBeauty & Personal CareColor Cosmeticsfoundation, Body CareWhere East Meets WestEMEALong-lasting body tan cushion. Fluid colored blend.Dow, Univar Colour
Bright-Up! Mask EssenceBright-Up! Mask EssenceBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareMaskWhere East Meets WestEMEAClear water thin lightening essence for sheet mask impregnation.Akema
Colour Travel Shower GelColour Travel Shower GelBeauty & Personal Caretoiletriesshower gelWhere East Meets WestEMEACrystal clear shower gel with suspended glitters which color depends on the movement and light intensity.Dow, Kao, Emerald
Co-Wash (Low Poo Cleansing Conditioner)Co-Wash (Low Poo Cleansing Conditioner)Beauty & Personal CareHair Carecleansing conditionerWhere East Meets WestEMEACleansing conditioner for hair mild and foamy. Green gel.Dow, Kao, Akema, Univar Colour
Glistening Body OilGlistening Body OilBeauty & Personal CareSkin CareBody Care oilWhere East Meets WestEMEAAppealing shimmering & hydrating body oil where metallic pearl pigments are suspended. Sparkling oil.Exxon Mobil, Kemin, Kraton, Lambiotte, Kao
Hawaiian Beach SprayHawaiian Beach SprayBeauty & Personal CareHair Careleave-on, spray, condition, stylingWhere East Meets WestEMEAHair styling spray for a wave beach natural look. Water-like aspect.Akema, Kao, Univar Colour
Jolly Hair O/W Leave On ConditionerJolly Hair O/W Leave On ConditionerBeauty & Personal CareHair Careleave-on, conditioner, gel creamWhere East Meets WestEMEARich, bouncy and conditioning hair gel-cream leave-on. Opaque white gel.Dow, Angus, Akema, Kao, Kemin
O/W Lavish Beauty Cream (Gluten-Free)O/W Lavish Beauty Cream (Gluten-Free)Beauty & Personal CareSkin CareGel creamWhere East Meets WestEMEAGluten-free hydrating daily face cream with a cushioning feel. White emulsion.Dow, Akema, Kao
Let's Have Sun W/Si+OLet's Have Sun W/Si+OBeauty & Personal CareSun CaresunscreenWhere East Meets WestEMEASun care face & body lotion with satin-like feel with SPF protection and water-resistance. Fluid white emulsion.Dow, Elementis, Akema
Soft Beard ConditionerSoft Beard ConditionerBeauty & Personal Caretoiletriesbeard conditionerWhere East Meets WestEMEABeard cream with a conditioning effect. White emulsion.Kao, emerald, Dow, Kemin